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Walk In Freezers

If you've got a larger restaurant, or another high volume location in Canada, a walk in freezer could be just the thing you need. (You may want to check out our walk in cooler section.) These freezers let you store large quantities of items, and because they are typically not opened as frequently as a regular freezer, they will allow you to safely store your bulk frozen goods for longer periods of times. Some smaller establishments might also want to consider using a walk-in freezer. You can prepare your food beforehand, and then keep it frozen until your rush time, which can help a lot.

One big thing to note: these freezers aren't meant to pull-down the temperature of hot food (or really, even of room-temperature food). In other words, if you've got something that's pre-cooked and you want to store it, you shouldn't just stick it in the freezer. The only food you should put in a walk in freezer is food that is already frozen.

You'll want to make sure you choose the right size walk in freezer. If you get one that's too big, you're going to be paying too much upfront and too much for electricity costs. But if you go with a freezer that is too small, you might not have enough room for your products, and if you've put too many products inside the freezer, it may not keep them at a safe frozen temperature.

One thing to know: the walk in freezers you see on our website are all "quick-ship" models. That means they are pre-designed, because they are popular sizes. So you can order one of these and have it shipping to you within the week. But we also offer custom built walk in freezers, if you've got specific size needs, or if you want to do a walk in freezer-cooler-combo. You can call or email us for that.

If you've got any questions about which walk in freezer you should buy, give us a call or send us an email, and we'd love to help you out!
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