Wok Ranges

Wok ranges are commonly found in Chinese restaurants and other Asian cooking estabishments, typically for making stir-fry. These Chinese wok burners are highly customizable, and can also be designed to be a wonton noodle range, a noodle boiler, a steamer, or a rice noodle boiler. These are high-powered, high-BTU burners perfect for traditional cooking styles.

These wok burners are custom-built in Toronto, so when you order your wok range, you can customize it to your exact specifications, knowing that you're getting a high-quality, Canadian-made range, but at an absolutely amazing low price.

You can order these wok burners with a number of different wok opening sizes, depending on the size of woks you want to be using. And for the smaller wok openings, you can order a slanted hole, which will make tossing single-handed woks much easier for the cook. These wok ranges all come with faucets, the number varying depending on how many wok holes you choose. If you've got any questions, feel free to call us, or if you'd like to place a customized order for the best wok range money can buy — then give us a call!
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