Worktop Refrigerators

A worktop refrigerator allows you to have quick access to your refrigerated goods in its lower compartment while having a sanitary workspace right in front of you. So if you’ve got a deli, sandwich shop, or any commercial kitchen in Canada that needs to save space and have an extra working area, a worktop refrigerator is a good option.

You’ll want to be aware of whether you want doors or drawers, as this can affect your workflow. If you’ve got a lot of big items that are in jars and boxes, you’ll probably want to go with doors. But if you’ve got fresh food and smaller items than going with drawers that can hold pans is your best option.

The number of shelves included is also another consideration for your refrigerator: more shelves can always be purchased if necessary though. Each section of a worktop refrigerator usually includes two shelves, but some units only come with a single shelf per door. So make a list of the items you’ll be storing and how many you’ll be storing. That should give you a good idea of how many shelves you’ll need. Or, if you’re going to be going with pans, then you’ll need to think about how many items you have, and if they’ll go in full-size pans or half-pans.

One final consideration is the location of the compressor. If the worktop has a side-breathing compression, then you’re going to need to have plenty of room on the side of the refrigerator. A front-breathing compressor is ideal if you know you’re machine is going to be up against walls without any room on its side.
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