Beverage Equipment

Commercial Coffee Machines

Your restaurant has to have coffee. All Canadians love coffee. It's practically our national pastime.

Commercial Coffee Urns

Let your customers pour their own coffee! You'll find these in buffets or other self-serve food service establishments.

Commercial Espresso Machines

Make cappuccinos or espressos with style! These are high-quality, built-to-last, commercial beverage machines.

Commercial Cappuccino Dispensers

After you've made some hot chocolate, or some other hot beverage, you're going to need a place to dispense it. Here ya go!

Commercial Hot Water Dispensers

A commercial hot water dispenser does exactly what the names says: it dispenses hot water... perfect for tea!

Cold Beverage Dispensers

Bar Coolers

Refrigerate your kegs and dispenser your beer. It's convenient, it's fast, and it's cool.

Commercial Juice Dispensers

Keep some juice cool and within eyesight of your customers. A great way to increase impulse purchases.

Commercial Slush Machines

Who doesn't love a slushy? Very few people, that's who! So you really ought to get a slushy machine.

Frozen Beverage Machines

These machines can make high quantities of any "slush" type drinks: like frozen margaritas, daiquiris, frozen lemonade, or fruit smoothies

Milk Dispensers

Most cafeterias will have a milk dispenser, either for self-serve or full service.

Blenders, Juicers, and Milkshake Machines

Commercial Blenders

Blend bar drinks, or smoothies, or food, in one of our commercial blenders.

Commercial Juicers

What's better than juice? How about freshly squeezed juice made right in front of you?

Milkshake Machines

The only thing people love more than milkshakes is drinking milkshakes. Give the people what they want!

Underbar Equipment

Underbar Drainboards

Do your bartender a solid and buy a drainboard! These can really help with drink preparation and keep liquods off of the floor.

Underbar Blender Stations

Put one of these blender stations underneath your bar, and it can really help your staff out in creating blended and frozen drinks.

Underbar Liquor Displays

Give your staff quick access to liquor, and have a classy looking liquor display rack -- all in one unit!

Underbar Ice Bins

Have a quick and easy way for your staff to access ice by getting one of these ice bins and putting it right up front, under your bar.