Commercial Food Warmers

Food Heat Lamps

Dump your warm, delicious fried food into these stations, and they're going to stay warm and delicious and fried.

Countertop Food Warmers

Hold or cook your food at a desirable temperature, and do it all while saving space with our countertop models.  

Soup Kettles

If you like soup, and like to keep it warm, then check out our soup kettles and soup warmers. Everybody in Canada loves soup!

Display Food Warmers

Hot food display cases are perfect for any hot foods that you want customers to see and buy a lot of.  

Pizza Display Warmers

Keep your pizzas warm and keep your pizzas right in front of your customers' eyes. Great for merchandising!

Condiment, Topping & Sauce Warmers

Keep your nacho cheese warm and delicious, and ready to pump out onto your nachos with a second's notice.


We have roll-in proofers, retarder proofers, and holding proofers: any sort of proofing you need, we got it!

Drawer Warmers

Food drawer warmers will keep your food hot and delicious, while you're waiting to serve it to your customers.

Steam Tables

These hot food tables work with either hot or wet heat -- perfect for buffets and fancy dining halls.

Commercial Chocolate Fountains

You can't have a classy buffet or wedding feast without a chocolate fountain! That would positively cause a scandal.

Bun Warmers

Keep your buns warm with one of our hot dog bun warmers! A simple trick to make your hot dog more appealing!

Drop In Food Warmers

These are perfect for buffets, self-serve, and other establishments -- also known as "food wells."