Commercial Sinks

1 Compartment Sinks

A one compartment sink is typically in an establishment that is tight on space and just needs to wash the occassional dish. They come with or without drainboards.  

2 Compartment Sinks

A two compartment sink will allow you to rinse in one sink and wash in the other. Or wash in one sink and sanitize in the other.

3 Compartment Sinks

A three compartment sink will let you rinse, wash, and sanitize in each compartment. These are perfect for a wide variety of restaurants in Canada.

Hand Sinks

Wash your hands in style with one of our nifty commercial hand sinks. We've got regular ones, ones with foot or knee pedals, and ones with splash guards.  

Underbar Sinks

Do you have a bar that you're just dying to put a sink under? Well, have we got some items for you! Perfect for pubs, bars, and places that love to save space.

Commercial Drop In Sinks

Drop it like it's hot. You will want to drop these sinks the moment you see them -- drop them into your countertop that is.

Commercial Mop Sinks

Your dishes need a sink, your hands need a sink... even you mop needs a sink. Perfect for any establishments that owns a mop!

Work Tables with Sinks

Get a prep table with a sink right beside it. Perfect for washing up some vegetables or fruit and chopping them up right then and there.

Commercial Sink Accessories

T&S Brass parts and kits for plumbers to fix and set up commercial sinks.

Dish Tables

These are soiled and clean dish tables for your dishwashing line; some of these units include sinks.

Pre Rinse Faucets

Pre rinse your dirty dishes and pots and pans. Giving them a pre rinse is essential in most commercial kitchens and restaurant kitchens.

Restaurant Faucets

Splash mounted or deck mounted faucets for your commercial sinks. Goosnecks or swing nozzles in various sizes.