Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant Chairs

A wide variety of commercial restaurant chairs at wholesale prices. This are kept in stock and ship across Canada.

Bar Stools

Restaurant bar chairs that are a bit taller than a regular chair for bar-height tables or bars.

Restaurant High Chairs

These commercial high chairs are designed to be safe, wobble-free, and easy to clean.

Restaurant Table Tops

We've got a huge variety of commercial tabletops: we have wooden tabletops, laminate, granite -- you name it!

Restaurant Table Bases

A table base fits underneath a table top. Otherwise the table top would just be lying on the floor.

Folding Tables & Chairs

These are commercial-grade folding tables and folding chairs for restaurants and hospitality customers.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

These are restaurant patio chairs. They are commercial-grade seats, to withstand the wear and tear of a restaurant's patio.

Restaurant Patio Tables

This section includes both patio table tops, table bases, as well as one-piece units and outdoor side tables for lounges.

Commercial Patio Heaters

These are perfect for those fringe months where the weather is a bit cooler, especially in the evening.

Commercial Fire Pits

A great solution for hotels and golf courses: this is an alternative to outdoor tables, but allows for a more casual seating arrangement.