Restaurant Storage & Transport

Shelving Kits

These are pre-packaged shelving kits, so you'll get the shelves, the posts, the clips, and everything else you need in one kit.


You can buy just the shelves individually, if you like, and then add them to your shelving kit, or you can buy shelving posts and build it yourself!

Shelving Posts

These are the shelving posts that go on the side of each shelving unit. They come in various heights and some have levelers while others don't.

Wall Mounted Shelving

These wall mounted shelves are perfect for your restaurant's kitchen. Put these up, and suddenly you've got some more storage space in your kitchen!


Utility & Bussing Carts

Many Canadian sit-down restaurants will want to have a bussing cart to help with clean up, but these can be used as "utlity carts" to move anything around.

Stocking Carts

If you've got a supermarket or a bigger foodservice establishment, like a hospital or university, a stocking cart can be helpful to lug your products around.  

Shopping Carts

If you've got a supermarket or grocery store, shopping carts are an essential!

Restaurant Racks

Sheet Pan Racks

These racks can help your store your bun pans, move them around, and they're also a lot of fun to hop on and roll around with!

Can Racks

If you want to have a bunch of cans within arms reach, and to have them nice and organized -- these items should do the trick. Some even have casters.

Lug Racks

These racks are useful for both plastic lug totes and the "universal" lug racks are can work with trays as well. Another great storage option for a commercial kitchen!

Dunnage Racks

A dunnage rack can carry a lot of weight! If you need to keep something off the floor for sanitary or healthcode reasons, buy one of thse bad boys!

Commercial Pot Racks

These racks will let you hang up your pots or utensils conveniently right up on your wall. They are heavy duty, commercial units, so they're perfect for restaurants.

Other Restaurant Storage and Transport

Dish Caddies

Put your plates, trays, and dishes into on of these caddies. They've been designed to transport your kitchen's dishes in an easy and safe way.

Bun Pan Trucks

These carts are helpful if you've got a lot of bun pans or trays that you need moving around. So a lot of bakeries and school cafeterias would use these.

Dish Rack Dollies

If you've got a bunch of dish racks and you'll need to be transporting them around your kitchen, then one of these dollies can really save your back.

Ingredient Bins

Found in many bakeries and commercial kitchens, ingredient bins can offer you quick access to your ingredients.

Platform Trucks

Platform trucks are necessary for many grocery stores and restaurants that will need some help lugging their wares around.


Many restaurants and business establishments will want to have lockers so their employees can store their stuff safely.

Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are useful in any kind of commercial workplace, but supermarkets and larger restaurants may need one as well.


Mount one of these overshelves to your work table, prep table, or refrigerated work table, to give you a few more shelves for some easy storage.

Shelving Casters & Accessories

Anything you need to deck out your restaurant shelves: casters, racks, dividers, step ladders. You name it... we hopefully have it.