Restaurant Storage & Transport

Restaurant Shelving

We have shelving kits, as well as individual shelves, posts, and shelving accessories. Everything you'd need for your restaurant.

Sheet Pan Racks

These racks can help your store your bun pans, move them around, and they're also a lot of fun to hop on and roll around with!

Ingredient Bins

Found in many bakeries and commercial kitchens, ingredient bins can offer you quick access to your ingredients.

Wall Mounted Shelves

These shelves are designed to place microwaves or other kitchen items on top of, which can help maximize your space in a tight kitchen.

Utility & Bussing Carts

Many Canadian sit-down restaurants will want to have a bussing cart to help with clean up, but these can be used as "utlity carts" to move anything around.

Shopping Carts

If you've got a supermarket or grocery store, shopping carts are an essential! We have both wheeled options and basket options available.

Dunnage Racks

A dunnage rack can carry a lot of weight! If you need to keep something off the floor for sanitary or healthcode reasons, buy one of thse bad boys!

Robot Servers

These are AI robots that can assist your server team by helping them with serving, hosting, and bussing.

Can Racks

If you want to have a bunch of cans within arms reach, and to have them nice and organized -- these items should do the trick. Some even have casters.

Lug Racks

These racks are useful for both plastic lug totes and the "universal" lug racks are can work with trays as well. Another great storage option for a commercial kitchen!

Commercial Pot Racks

These racks will let you hang up your pots or utensils conveniently right up on your wall. They are heavy duty, commercial units, so they're perfect for restaurants.


Many restaurants and business establishments will want to have lockers so their employees can store their stuff safely.

Food Storage Containers

This is a storage and handling section, for anything that will hold food or help you move that food around.

Commercial Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum bags for better preserving your food or for sous-vide cooking.

Though it may sound like a secondary task, keeping your establishment organized and tidy is near essential to running a successful business. Obviously, every business is different and will require different items to best suit its needs. For the world of foodservice meaning restaurants, bars, bakeries, foodservice plants, or warehouses, we cover it all.

As far as stationary storage goes, we supply restaurant shelving to keep products out of the way and organized for easy access. Heavy-duty dunnage racks are a hygiene-friendly solution to keeping objects off of the floor and avoiding moisture, dirt, and lack of airflow. Pot racks are a stylish way of hanging both pots and pans in a convenient and quickly accessed position, but please watch your head! We also have lockers for storing personal belongings for however large your employee base is.

Some products in this collection function as mobile storage such as sheet pans racks with multiple tiers for moving sheet pans around the kitchen. Can racks and lug racks function in a similar enough way for, as their names imply, cans and lugs. Utility and bussing carts provide stable and reliable transport for cleaning supplies or removing used dishware from tables as just a few examples. Ingredient bins are mainly for storage of mass quantities of flour, sugar, or other fine powders but can go mobile as well. Shopping carts can be used by customers or employees alike. These racks, bins, and carts have wheels for transport, but can also be placed in a stationary location, depending on your preference.

We also supply food storage containers of all shapes and sizes plus bags compatible with vacuum sealers. The final category is a sign the future is finally here - robot servers, an emerging sector of the foodservice industry. Please get in contact with our friendly and knowledgeable team to learn more about storage and transportation.