Amana Xpress ACE - High Speed Oven with Convection & Microwave - 10" x 13" x 15" Cavity (HWD)

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Amana's ACE series of high speed ovens comes in four different models: you can choose between a 1400 watt microwave or a 1900 watt microwave, and you can choose between ventless or non-ventless operation. Each of these ovens uses a combination of convection and microwave cooking, and will be able to cook 4 - 10 times faster than a conventional oven.

In fact, you'll be able to bake a tray of biscuits from scratch in 3:00. Or you could heat a ham and cheese sandwich in 1:00. It will be perfect for cafes, bars, supermarkets, kiosks, or pubs -- anywhere that wants to make food on demand, very quickly, and with a great taste and great texture.

These high speed ovens have a small footprint: they are only 19" wide, but they can accommodate a 12" pizza. You're also able to connect a USB drive into this oven, to quickly update the programming -- which is going to make cooking your favourite recipes as simple as hitting a button. And the ventless options are a great choice if you've got a small cooking space or a kitchen without a ventilation system.

      • Convection and microwave cooking
      • Exterior dimensions 18.1" x 19.25" x 26.5"(HWD)
      • Easily accommodates 12" pizza
      • Update programming in seconds with USB flash drive -- program 100 menu items
      • Use any combination of convection and microwave energy to cooks a variety of menu items effortlessly
      • On demand cooking: Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture and only cook food when it’s ordered
      • Uses metal cookware, so no special cookware needed


Food Item Output
6" toasted sub sandwiches 50 per hour
1 portion of 4 frozen crispy chicken wings 25 portions per hour
1 frozen pre-baked fruit filled pastry 20 per hour
12" frozen pizza 10 per hour


Models ACE14N, ACE14V, ACE19N, and ACE19V
Dimensions (HWD) 18.1" x 19.25" x 26.5"
Cavity (HWD) 10.5" x 13" x 15"
Weight around 111 pounds (depending on model)
Stage Cooking Yes, 4 stages
Ventless Cooking Optional
Menu Capacity 100 Items



Three year limited warranty. One year full warranty.