Amana Xpress MRX - High Speed Oven with Convection, Impingement & Microwave - 7" x 12" x 12" Cavity (HWD)

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Amana's Xpress Iq MRX series comes in two models: The MRX1 with a 1000W microwave, and the MRX2 with a 2000W microwave. These ovens cook 15 times faster than a conventional oven and they are ventless (so you don't need to worry about an expensive ventilation system). This high speed oven features convection, impingement, and microwave cooking: with all these combined cooking energies, you're going to be able to cook great tasting food with a great texture -- very, very quickly.

For example, you'll be able to cook crispy, delicious two-layer nachos in 1 minute and 20 seconds, compared to 6 minutes in many other ovens. Faster cooking means more customers can come through, which means more money. It's also an extremely versatile machine, which can cook anything from shrimp to vegetables, hamburgers and steaks to nachos. So this machine can serve as the anchor for your entire menu, or you can use it to augment the items you're already cooking. 

It has an incredibly easy to use touch menu, so you don't need to worry about training staff how to use it: it's completely intuitive so a chef can use it, or a waitress could use it. And instead of long lists of recipes, it's completely visual. It has simple icons or you can even upload your own photos to add to the menu. Another great feature of the Amana MRX is how its door opens: notice that when the door is open, it's actually lower than where you insert the food. With other brands, the door would be flush with the oven cavity which means you're at risk of burning yourself. But the intelligent design on the Amana MRX completely avoids this.

      • Microwave, impingement, and convection cooking
      • Compact footprint: fits on 28" deep counter, and only 14" wide
      • Easily accommodates a 12" pizza
      • Fully customizable, programmable, large 7" smartphone-like display
      • On-demand cooking: Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture. Minimize waste. Cook food when it’s ordered
      • Certified for ventless cooking
      • Exclusive non-stick oven liners pre-installed
      • Quick cool-down allows for expedited end-of-day clean-up
      • Uses metal cookware, so no special cookware needed
      • Made in the USA


Food Item Conventional Cooking MRX1 MRX2
Toasted Sub 3:00 0:40  0:30
Breakfast Sandwich 20:00 0:55 0:50
Toasted Bagel 4:00 0:20 0:15
Salmon 30:00 2:40 2:05
12" Pizza 20:00 3:10 2:50
Chicken Wings 20:00 4:00 2:30
Crab Cakes 20:00 1:45 1:15
Large Baked Potato 1 hour 7:45 4:55


Model MRX1 or MRX2
Dimensions (HWD) 22.75" x 14.1" x 29.25"
Cavity (HWD) 7" x 12.25" x 12.25"
Weight 116 pounds (MRX1) or 134 pounds (MRX2)
Stage Cooking Yes, 4 stages
Ventless Cooking Yes
Menu Capacity 1200+ Items


Three year limited warranty. One year full warranty.