Amana Xpress AXP22TLT - High Speed Oven with Convection, Impingement, Microwave, and Radiant

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The Amana's AXP22TLT high speed oven can cook 15 times faster than a conventional oven, and with its catalytic converter, you can run it completely ventless, so you don't need to worry about an expensive ventilation system. This oven combines four types of cooking: convection, impingement, a microwave assist, and infra-red radiant heat:

The convection cooking is going to give the cavity an even heat distribution from moving air (you can select the temperature range from 200˚ - 520˚F). Impingement cooking is a lot like convection cooking (they both move hot air) but impingement cooking moves the air a lot faster and more directly at the product, so it can better penetrate the product which will making cooking much faster. The microwave assist has 2200w of power. And finally, the infra-red radiant heating will enhance toasting, browning, and crisping.

With all these combined cooking energies, you're going to be able to cook great tasting food with a great texture --very, very quickly. In fact, you'll be able to bake a frozen 14" pizza in 2:50! Or you could cook 2.5 pounds of roasted fresh veggies in 2:35. It has a sophisticated and simple to use "True-Touch" HD touchscreen, and wifi, ethernet, and smart USB connectivity, so you'll be able to program hundreds of your favourite recipes for simple and quick cooking.

This high-speed combination oven is ideal for any high volume location: hospital, hotel, stadium, theatre, convenience store, or quick service restaurant. It can be placed on a kitchen shelf, countertop, equipment stand, single or stacked.

      • Compact exterior, large interior
      • Easily accommodates a 14" pizza
      • Fully customizable, programmable large 5" smartphone-like display
      • Certified for ventless cooking
      • On-demand cooking: Prepare fresh foods with great taste and texture. Minimize waste. Cook food when it’s ordered
      • Exclusive non-stick oven liners pre-installed,  includes 5 liners)
      • Uses metal cookware, so no special cookware needed
      • Made in the USA



  • 2000W
  • Easily adjustable 0-100% fan speed
  • Enhances browning
  • It's like convection cooking, but much more powerful, to penetrate food very quickly.

Microwave Assist

  • 2200W
  • Dual sides antennas
  • Heats quickly, reduces cooking time.

Infra-red radiant

  • 3000W
  • Enhances toasting, browning, and crisping


  • Even cavity airflow
  • 200˚ - 520˚F temperature range


Food Item Output
12" frozen pizza 20 per hour
6" toasted sub sandwiches 80+ per hour
Grilled fresh salmon 20 per hour
Crème brulé 10 per hour
1 lb portions fresh shrimp 30 portions per hour


Model AXP22TLT
Dimensions (HWD) 20.3" x 25.1" x 27.5"
Cavity (HWD) 10" x 16" x 15"
Weight 150 pounds
Stage Cooking Yes, 4 stages
Ventless Cooking Yes
Menu Capacity 360 Items



Three year limited warranty. One year full warranty.