Axis - Discs for the Expert 205 Food Processor

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Add one of these discs to your Axis Expert continuous food processor

One thing to note: in order to make cubes, french fries, or crinkled french fries, you need to buy a combination of discs. For example, to make an 8mm cube, you would need to buy the 8mm cuber (item D8) plus the 8mm slicer (item E8).

Or, for another example, to make a french fry that is 10mm wide and deep, you would need to buy a 10mm grid cutter (item B10) plus a 10mm slicer (item E10). Check out the disc selection guide below for more examples. 


Code "E"
To obtain a slice from 1mm to 10mm.

  • 1mm slice - item E1
  • 2mm slice - item E2
  • 3mm slice - item E3
  • 4mm slice - item E4
  • 6mm slice - item E6
  • 8mm slice - item E8
  • 10mm slice - item E10

    Code "H"
    To create curved fries of varying sizes.
    (Not available as included disc; must be purchased separately.)

    • 2.5mm julienne - item H2.5
    • 4mm julienne - item H4
    • 6mm julienne - item H6
    • 8mm julienne - item H8
    • 10mm julienne - item H10

      Code "V"

      • One size - item V

        Code "D"
        To make cubes, select a "D" cuber, plus an "E" slicer.

        • 8x8mm cuber - item D8
        • 10x10mm cuber - item D10
        • 16x16mm cuber - item D16
        • 20x20mm cuber - item D20


          Grid Cut
          Code "B"
          Can be combined with "E" slicers or "EC" slicers to make french fries.

          • 6mm grid cut - item B6
          • 8mm grid cut - item B8
          • 10mm grid cut - item B10

              Long Slicer
              Code "S"
              For tomatoes, lemons, oranges, apples, and pineapples. 

              • 1mm long slice - item S1
              • 2mm long slice - item S2
              • 5mm long slice - item S5

                Code "Z"
                To shred from 2mm to 7mm.

                • 2mm shredding - item Z2
                • 3mm shredding - item Z3
                • 4mm shredding - item Z4
                • 7mm shredding - item Z7

                  French Fries
                  To make french fries, select a "B" grid cut, plus an "E" slicer in one of the following combinations:

                  • E6 + B6
                  • E8 + B8
                  • E10 + B10

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