BakeMax BMBM001 - Bread Crumb Machine

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The BakeMax BMBM001 bread crumb machine can produce up to 175 pounds of bread crumbs in an hour. It has two grate opening with varying sizes, allowing you to produce various sizes of crumbs.

This machine take a process that could manual take you hours, and it condenses it into minutes. The BakeMax BMBM001 gives you powerful operation while remaining simple, easy to use, and with low maintenance.

      • Stainless steel construction.
      • Two grate sizes to change size of crumbs.
      • Powerful performance with easy maintenance.
      • Stainless steel or white epoxy coated finish.
      • High performance with easy maintenance.
      • Plug 'N Go electrical installation.
      • Up to 175 pounds of production per hour.
      • Two grate openings allow to change size of crumbs: 1/32" and 1/64"


Phase 1
Voltage 110
Amp 13.8
Dimensions (W x D x H) 10.75" x 14" x 28"
Output 175 lb / hr
Ship Weight 58 lb


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