BakeMax BMFRS01 - Floor Reversible Dough Sheeter - 17" x 79" Conveyor

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The BakeMax BMFRS01 is a floor model reversible sheeter with a conveyor dimension of 17" x 79". This sheeter is ideal for sheeting and stretching puff pastry, Danish bread, strudel, marzipan, doughnut, croissant, pie, cookie, and pizza dough.

When you are done using the BakeMax BMFRS01, you are able to fold it up, greatly reducing the amount of space you will need. It is a simple, intuitive machine, which will help you stretch and sheet dough consistently and fast.

      • The head housing is made of heavy duty aluminum.
      • There is safety guard on both sides of the rollers for your protection.
      • With a simple push of a button, you can reverse the direction of the conveyor.
      • Versatility: puff pastry, Danish bread, doughnut dough, croissant dough, pie dough, cookie dough, strudel, marzipan, and pizza dough.