BakeMax BMHBD01 - Manual Dough Divider - 36 Pieces, 1 to 4 oz.

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The BakeMax BMHBD01 hand bun divider allows you to manually divide 36 even portions of dough. This hand bun divider makes dough portions between 1 - 4 oz, which is ideal for buns, but could be used for many other things.

Rather than cutting and weighing the dough many times, you can know that you will always get the exact amount of dough you want each time. The BakeMax BMHBD01 will save you hours of time and labor, which will ultimately save you money.

      • Creates dough portions between 1 - 4 oz.
      • Creates 36 even dough pieces.
      • Comes with two receiving trays.
      • Machine will save you time and labor.
      • The twin shaft leads the cutters to easily divide the dough.
      • The standard interlock switch protects the operator.
      • Make 36 dough portions between 1oz — 4oz, varying by how much dough you use.
      • Machine comes with two receiving trays.


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