BakeMax BMSM200 - 200 Kg. Spiral Mixer - 220v, 3 Phase

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The BakeMax BMSM200 is a powerful spiral mixer that can handle up to 200 kg of dough (125 kg of flour). It has been designed specifically for heavier doughs like pizza dough or bagel dough. It has a durable, stainless steel bowl that will last you for many, many years to come.

BakeMax has been in the bakery and pizza shop business since 1966, so they have decades of experience making spiral mixers. So they know how to make a long-lasting, safe, simple, and sanitary machine. The heavy-duty spiral agitator and the stainless steel bowl have been designed to the Baking Industry Sanitation Standard. And the mixer instantly stops if the safety guard is lifted, so you can rest easy.

This mixer will require minimal maintenance for its powerful motor: it moves from one speed to the next without having to shift gears. And it has a timer that automatically controls the mixing time, so you can go work on other things while your mixer takes care of the mixing!

      • Machine is still operational even if timer is interrupted.
      • Dual-direction mixing technology, speed is synchronized with reverse-rotating bowl to mix ingredients and blend dough hydraulically downward. This keeps dough cooler, and achieves desired results more efficiently.
      • Powerful spiral mixing increases water absorption by dough, thus increasing volume and assuring uniform texture.
      • Instant-response servo-limit switch for safety.
      • Bowl may be set to rotate either forward or backward.
      • High-efficiency, 2-speed mixing achieves through blending ingredients to achieve desired results consistently within 7-10 minutes. 


Flour Capacity 125 kg
Dough Capacity 200 kg
Motor 12 HP for agitator, 3/2 HP for bowl
Voltage 220
Phase 3
Hertz 60


Two year warranty.


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