Bakers Pride D-125 - Gas Pizza Deck Oven - 48" x 36" x 10" Deck

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The Bakers Pride D-125 has been designed for high-volume pizza locations or for all-purpose baking operations. It features one large Cordierite chamber which is 48" wide, 36" deep, and 10" high. It has a total BTU per hour of 125,000. It is insulated for cooler exterior temperatures and consistent interior temperatures. 

The exterior is stainless steel, and the oven has been constructed with a heavy-duty, .25" angle iron frame, which is completely welded, so it will allow for double-stacking. The oven has independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers, which will allow you to achieve perfectly balanced cooking results. Options are available to suit the configuration of your kitchen, such as side-mounted controls and special-height legs.

You can also order this deck oven in the "display" variant (model D-125-DSP). These ovens are designed to be built in behind a decorative facade of brick, stone, or tile for a traditional, old-world look. Even if you don't put the oven behind a decorative facade, the black-powder-coated finish on the control panels and hardwood door-handle make for an elegant presentation. Or if you like, simply display the oven in stainless steel!

      • 125,000 total BTU per hour with natural gas (105,000 total BTU per hour with LP)
      • 300–650°F temperature range
      • Deck area: 48" x 36"
      • Overall width: 65.25" 
      • 1.5" thick Cordierite decks
      • 10" deck height
      • Stackable
      • Independently controlled top and bottom heat dampers
      • Front- or side-mounted gas controls with valve, regulator, and pilot safety
      • Heavy-duty, slide-out flame diverters


Model D-125 or D-125-DSP
Overall Dimensions (WHD) 65.25" x 59" x 43"
BTU 125,000 per hour
kW 36.61
Chamber Dimensions (WDH) 48" x 36" x 10"
Decks 1
Thermostat Range 300°-650°F (149-343°C)


Must specify elevation if over 2000 feet.


Two year parts and labour warranty standard.