Blendtec Chef 600 - 3 HP Commercial Food & Drink Blender - 32 oz.

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Blendtec's Chef 600 is a medium duty blender with a unique control set. It offers two pulse settings: a low pulse and a high pulse. The low pulse is ideal for mixing or chopping up fragile ingredients whereas the high pulse is ideal for blending and pureeing ingredients of a sturdier build.

The Chef 600 has a high-speed motor of 3.0 peak horsepower. As a result, it can perform 60+ blends daily. The blades are blunt safety blades that are 10x stronger than traditional blades. The dimensions (WDH) of this blender sit at 7" x 8" x 15".

Ultimately, if you're looking for economical pricing but not wanting to sacrifice commercial-grade blending speeds and controls then this is the blender for you.

      • Medium duty, commercial blender
      • Low speed pulse and high speed pulse
      • 3 speeds
      • Can mix, chop, and puree
      • 3 HP motor
      • 60+ blends daily
      • Blunt safety blades


Brand Blendtec
 Chef 600
Item Number C600A0801-A1GA1A
Dimensions (WDH) 7" x 8" x 15"
Weight 7.3 lb
Volts 120/220


One year parts and labour warranty.