Bunn iMIX 5 - Cappuccino Hot Beverage Dispenser with Five Beverage Options

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The Bunn iMIX 5 is a powdered beverage dispenser that can deliver hot drinks -- cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee and more -- with exceptional reliability and taste. You'll be able to dispense 68 twelve ounce cups in 37 minutes before dropping 10° Fahrenheit from first cup serving temperature.

It has five 8 pound hoppers (3.6 kilograms). It can be ordered in three varieties: the standard model; a model with a top-hinged door; or as the "iMIX-5S+" which also has a top hinged door and can function as push-and-hold serving or portion control.

      • 7 gallon (26.5 litre) hot water tank to meet peak serving times
      • Alphanumeric display communicates advertising messages, machine status and technical support contact information
      • Auger motors with RPM feedback monitoring assure consistent flavors and profits by controlling powder dosing
      • Five 8 pound (3.6 kg) hoppers
      • Cup clearance at 7.25" to accommodate popular cup sizes (adjustable to 8.12")
      • Front of machine access to tank drain, dump valves, auger and whipper motors and control board for easy service set up and calibration
      • High speed heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing
      • Low product detection system alerts audibly and with message on display when hoppers are low
      • High efficiency LED lighted front graphics for merchandising
      • Night mode to prevent pilferage
      • Spring-loaded, all metal auger drive system for easy hopper installation


Bunn innovation and technology are an unbeatable combination in the iMIX series hot powdered drink dispensers that allow customers to choose from a variety of hot beverages such as French Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Chai or Steamers.

In addition to large hoppers that require less refilling, the all-metal drive systems and spring-loaded connectors are designed for easy loading, dependability and long life. Eliminate product waste and ensure consistency from cup-to-cup with a feedback system that monitors revolutions per minute (RPM). It also controls powder dispensing for each beverage, helping you increase your profits.


Brand Bunn
iMIX-5 and iMIX-5S+
Item Number 37000.6000, 38100.6330
Water Access Plumbed
Hoppers Five
Door Side Hinge or Top Hinge
Dispense Push Button
Electrical 120v, 15 A, 1800 W
Cord Attached Yes
Plug Type NEMA 5-15P
Capacity 72 cups per hour (8 ounce cups)


One year parts and labour warranty.