Bunn Coffee Machine
The server is sold separately.

Bunn ITCB DV HV PE - Infusion Series Dual Voltage Tea and Coffee Brewer with Touch Screen Controls

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The Bunn ITCB Twin HV is a high-volume coffee and tea combo brewer. This is a dual voltage model, so can operate at 120v/14amp, or 120/280v/14amp, or 120/240/17amp. The lower voltage can brew up to 82 cups of coffee an hour; the middle voltage 136 cups; and the highest voltage 183 cups an hour (8 ounce cups). And each voltage can brew up to 336 cups of tea an hour. It also has a dilution feature, so this can also function as a iced coffee brewer.

This is part of Bunn's Infusion Series of coffee equipment, so it features all the latest technology: it has a "Smart Funnel" and is compatible with "BrewWISE grinders" as well as featuring "Digital Brewer Controls" which give you precise controls over extraction and sophisticated diagnostics. This coffee brewer is made in Canada; so, you can rest assured of its quality, and that you're supporting the Canadian economy!

It is a "Platinum Edition" of their Infusion series, so it comes with a 4.3" touchscreen; SmartWAVE sprayhead technology; and a stainless steel coffee funnel.

      • Made in Canada
      • 4.3" Color Touchscreen aids in customizing recipes, brewing options and control
      • The QWERTY key pad feature allows for easy customization of recipe names in English, Spanish and French
      • SmartWAVE sprayhead technology provides enhanced uniformity of extraction and lime scale reduction
      • Customers can easily add up to 10 screensaver images to advertise and promote their brand and products
      • Brews into 1.5 gallon and 1.0 gallon BUNN ThermoFresh servers for coffee and TD4T, TDO and TDO-N tea dispensers
      • Dilution feature also allows for brewing iced coffee
      • Includes both coffee (Stainless) and tea (Plastic) funnels
      • Tea brewing capability built-in with integrated dilution nozzle, software and Quick Brew tea brewing funnel
      • BrewWISE intelligence with pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction
      • Digital temperature control and cold brew lockout
      • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
      • Large 3 gallon (11.4 litre) tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity
      • Dual voltage adaptable (Can operate at 120V/15 amp or 120/208-240V/20 amp)



    Model ITCB Dual-Volt High Volume, Platinum Edition
    Item # 54000.6100
    Water Access Plumbed
    Volts Dual Voltage
    Coffee Output 82-183 cups per hour (8 ounce cups)
    Tea Output 672 cups per hour (8 ounce cups)


    One year parts and labour warranty.