Bunn Nitron 2 - Two Flavour Cold Brew Nitro Coffee Dispenser

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The Bunn Nitron 2 cold draft system, allows you to deliver nitro coffee and authentic cold brew taste without the need for a complex and lengthy brewing process. You can achieve a nitro infusion with no need for kegs. Simply use two 1 gallon concentrate bag-in-box (BIBs), or refillable containers, which will each yield multiple gallons of finished drinks.

Nitro coffee (i.e. Nitrogen coffee) is a lot like cold brew, except that it's infused with nitrogen. This creates a delicious, velvety texture. It gives a crisper, sweeter taste to your cold brew. The Nitro Experience: No milk or sugar needed. Bunn's patented in-line gas infuser produces up to 3 minutes of cascading micro-bubbles, depending on the brew.

Outfit the standard and nitro taps with separate beverages - your choice of cold brew coffee, iced coffee, or iced tea - all from one slim, 10-inch wide countertop design. At a rate of one 16 oz. drink per minute, this machine can dispense 60 drinks before exceeding 41° Fahrenheit.

      • Patented BUNN gas infusion technology can produce up to 3 minutes of cascading micro-bubbles
      • Patented High Intensity mixing chamber assures a perfectly blended finished beverage, from cup to cup
      • Uses familiar 1-gallon bag-in-box (BIB) concentrates and refillable containers that are easy to manage, with each BIB serving from 5 to 13 gallons of finished drinks
      • Chrome-plated brass tap handles and nitro stout nozzles provide the quality-oriented craft experience of serving a premium beverage on tap
      • Serve two different coffees or teas as a nitrogenated beverage using 1-gallon concentrate BIBs or refillable containers
      • Automatic water bath fill maintains water bath level for optimal cold beverage capacity
      • Sleek, all-black door complements any commercial setting
      • Flashing red LED light on door alerts the operator when to replenish nitrogen tank
      • At a rate of one 16 oz. drink per minute, can dispense 60 drinks before exceeding 41°F (75°F incoming water)
      • Refrigerated product cabinet protects flavor integrity and product life
      • Large dispense area accommodates taller cups and carafes up to 8.76"
      • Service-friendly design makes set-up and maintenance simple


    Brand Bunn
    Model NITRON All-Nitro
    Item Number 51600.6011
    Dimensions (WDH) 9.8" x 29.8" x 34"
    Weight 130 lb


    One year parts and labour warranty.