Bunn Coffee Machine
The server is sold separately.

Bunn SmartWAVE - Thermal Coffee Brewer

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These thermal brewers from Bunn come with exclusive "SmartWAVE" technology, which increases turbulence in the funnel, providing more contact time between water and coffee and gives a uniformity of extraction. These models have adjustable legs and a slide-out booster tray, so they can brew into airpots, thermal servers, and thermal carafes. They also have a narrow footprint which conserves countertop space.

The first group of these brewers are a part of the "Standard" series. These have have a four-digit LED display for programming and brewer status (Ready, Heating, Brewing). And it comes with a choice of 14 pulse brew settings with touch button "BrewMETER" which simplifies changes to water contact time during the brew cycle.

The second group is part of the "Silver" series, which has a choice of three pulse brew routines to adjust your flavour profile. You're also able to ensure coffee brew quality with the cold brew lock-out capability. Finally, these models come with simple analog switches accompanied by red/green LED lights for programming.

      • "BrewMETER" allows automatic programming of pulse routine
      • Adjustable legs to accommodate up to 3.0 litre lever action and 2.5 litre push button BUNN airpots and thermal servers
      • Brew into 1.9 litre thermal carafe using the slide-out booster tray
      • "SmartWAVE" technology increases turbulence in the brew funnel
      • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
      • Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability
      • "SplashGard" funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
      • Hot water faucet on trunk


              Item # Model Series Output Volts
              39900.6005 WAVE15-APS Standard 62 cups 120
              39900.6006 WAVE15-S-APS Silver 62 cups 120
              39900.6008 WAVE-APS Standard 102 cups 120/240
              39900.6009 WAVE-S-APS Silver 102 cups 120/240


              One year parts and labour warranty.