Celcold CF50SG - 50" Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet - 8 Tubs

  • CAD Regular price $2,650.00

This dipping cabinet can hold 8 plastic tubs of ice cream, with room underneath to store 7 more tubs. The clear 3/8” acrylic sneeze guard comes complete with a three-hole cone holder and crumb catcher underneath. With mobility casters, these units can be moved effortlessly, allowing you to maximize sales in any retail environment.

Creating high visibility for frozen food products is critical in merchandising. Celcold freezer merchandisers make selling your ice cream and frozen foods easy and profitable. Celcold’s reliable refrigeration system keeps your product properly frozen to ensure quality


  • 50" Sneeze guard
  • 8 tubs for dipping
  • Refrigerated storage underneath for 7 additional tubs
  • Mobility casters


  • mobility casters allow for effortless movement, allowing you to maximize sales in any retail environment
  • includes lid locks
  • can be used with or without baskets for frozen food display and storage 
  • Tub holders are designed to hang from the top of the cabinet allowing for storage of ice cream inventory below. Tub holders can be easily lifted to retrieve inventory from below. 

If you want this ice cream dipping cabinet with other accessories, just let us know! Instead of having plastic tub holders, you can have cardboard tub holders, or novelty holders, or gelato holders.