Cleveland Range MKDL-100-CC - Sweep/Fold Tilting Direct Steam Mixer Kettle - 100 Gal Capacity (Work in Progress)

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This item is currently a work in progress and is not yet ready for sale, but it is in our queue to be reconditioned. Items are reconditioned on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we cannot guarantee a time when this will be finished. However, when a work in progress is purchased, it is moved to the top of our queue with a typical lead time of 2-3 weeks.

      • Hydraulic powered sweep/fold mixer arms and bridge lift
      • Agitator and scraper are individually bayonet-mounted for easy removal
      • Console mounted air supply with quick disconnect for food pump operation
      • 100 gal capacity 
      • All plumbing, electrical, and hydraulics are enclosed in stainless steel consoles
      • 316 stainless steel kettle liner for high acid products
      • Factory pre-wired stainless steel control center on right hand console (left console mounting optional)
      • Solid state temperature controller with digital readout, time/temperature chart recorder to provide permanent record of batch processing
      • Automatic water cooling system
      • Two-piece lift-off cover
      • Air operated 3" flush piston valve with console-mounted variable control (requires air compressor)
      • Gallon markings on scraper shaft
      • Totally enclosed stainless steel mixer bridge
      • Large pouring lip with removable flow diverter
      • Standard 50 psi steam jacket rating on 40, 60 and 80 gallon models; 35 psi on larger models
      • 10" long product valve extension (for 100 gallon models and larger)
      • Easily removable blades scrape the entire jacketed surface area
      • Variable speed control with variable ratio between scraper and agitator, safety device to prevent high speed starts and mixing when bridge is even slightly lifted
      • Manual tilt mechanism with roller bearings and self-locking worm and segment gear
      • Accepted for use in U.S.D.A. inspected facilities
      • Hot and cold water faucet with 3/4" swing spout
      • Automatic water meter


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