Cleveland SteamCraft Ultra 5 - Countertop Electric Convection Steamer - 5 Pan Capacity

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The Cleveland SteamCraft Ultra 5 is an electric countertop convection steamer with a five pan capacity for pans 12" x 20" x 2.5" deep. This model has a boiler that automatically fills with water when switched on. It then creates convection steam and injects it with high velocity into the cavity via brass steam jets. There are no fans.

The cooking compartment of the SteamCraft Ultra 5, otherwise known as the Cleveland 21CET16, is fully insulated for thermal efficiency, and it has coved corners to help distribute the heat evenly. The coved corners also make the unit easy to clean. Both the cavity and the steam generator are constructed of heavy-duty, 14 gauge stainless steel. It has a 60 minute electro-mechanical timer and a switch, and there's an audible signal when the cooking cycle is complete. There is one on/off main power switch.

The Cleveland SteamCraft Ultra 5 has a boiler, which means that it may require descaling (especially if your water is hard). However, countertop steamers are more ideal for "a la carte" service as they're faster than their boilerless counterparts.

Cleveland convection steamers are a household name in Canada's restaurant and hospitality industry. They started as Cleveland Range, which was one of the oldest food service equipment providers in the United States. Since then, they have come under the ownership of Welbilt, which through their subsidiaries is the largest manufacturer of cooking and warming food equipment in all of North America. All Cleveland machines sold in Canada are made and serviced in Canada. 

      • Made in Canada
      • Stainless steel construction
      • High-velocity steam distribution via brass jets
      • Cooking capacity for up to five, 12" x 20" x 2.5" cafeteria pans
      • Two stainless steel fire bar heating elements
      • Steam generator is located on the outside for easy cleaning
      • One 60 minute electro-mechanical timer and switch; one main on/off power switch
      • Audible sound to signify the end of a cooking cycle
      • Coved corner design contributes to even heat flow and easy cleaning
      • Automatic steam generator drain with "water jet" spray rinse drain cleaning cycle
      • Cool-to-the-touch cooking compartment door; air tight seal
      • Left door hinge



Model 21CET16
Brand Cleveland
Dimensions (WDH) 21" x 28" x 29"
Capacity five (5), 12" x 20" x 2.5" cafeteria pans
Electrical 208v / 16.3kW / 3 phase


One year parts and labour warranty from the date the product is installed or twenty-four months from the date of shipment from our facility, whichever comes first.