Convotherm C4ET6.10 - Electric Combi Oven with Touch Screen Controls - 7 Half-Sized Pans

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The Convotherm C4ET6.10 is an electric combi oven with touch screen controls. It holds seven half-sized pans. This combi oven contains what Convotherm calls the "Advanced Closed System+". This is the world's first closed system that automatically controls moisture and heat based on the physical properties of the food being cooked. It cooks food quickly and with a better quality. No steam or heat escapes from this machine, and it's optimized for a lower usage of water and electricity. It also cleans itself automatically.

The Convertherm C4ET6.10 combi oven has sleek, easy-to-use, touch screen controls. The screen itself is 9" and it includes functions like automatic cooking with quick-select buttons; oven-load management for cooking a variety of products at the same time; rethermalizing capabilities; energy-saving cooking capabilities; on-screen help with topic-based videos; a start time preset; and a variety of other functions. There's also a USB port integrated into the controls for recipe imports.

The Convotherm C4ET6.10EB comes with a boiler, and the C4ET6.10ES comes without. The door is right-hinged. Last but not least, this machine is NSF approved and made in Germany.

      • Made in Germany
      • Holds 7 half-sized pans
      • Automatically controls internal moisture and heat based on the physical properties of the food being cooked
      • Touch screen controls
      • 5 fan speeds with auto reversing
      • Multi point core temperature probe
      • Cookbook library with 399 programmable recipes with up to 20 steps
      • Comes with a boiler or boilerless
      • Slammable right hand hinged door
      • Cleans itself automatically 
      • Built-in retractable hand shower
      • NSF approved


Model C4ET6.10EB, C4ET6.10ES
Brand Convotherm
Dimensions (WDH) 34.45" x 34.45" x 32.98"
Capacity 7 half-sized pans
Electrical 208-240v / 60Hz / 3 phase
Weight 269 lb


Two year limited parts and labour warranty.