Cookshack FEC750SS - Pellet Rotisserie Smoker Oven - 750 lb. Capacity

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The Cookshack FEC750SS is part of their "Fast Eddy's" line of rotisserie, pellet smoker ovens. It gives you delicious, consistent smoking with 100% wood pellets and has a per-load capacity of 750 pounds. It has Cookshack's "IQ5" digital control system which gives you 8 programmable, customizable cooking presets.

It features quick start-up and fast heat recovery during use. Great for food trucks, caterers, and restaurants, as well as barbecue competitions. This is a top-quality smoker oven that was made in the U.S.A.

      • Heat and smoke are supplied by 100% wood pellets
      • Offset firebox and convection fan circulates smoke and heat for even temperatures
      • Drippings exit the bottom of the smoker into a removable drip pan for a clean, safe operation
      • IQ5 digital controller includes 8 programmable, customizable cooking presets
      • Tough double-walled stainless steel construction surrounds 850°F Spin-Glas insulation
      • Retains heat and remains cool to the touch on the outside
      • Pellets are clean burning, produce very little ash and create low creosote buildup
      • Approved by all major cooking competition sanctioning bodies
      • Made In America.


750 lb. pork butts, 700 lb. brisket, 300 lb. ribs, or 110 chickens per load.


Model FEC750SS
Dimensions (WHD) 84" x 77" x 89"
Cooking Area 75 square feet
Shelves Fifteen 60" x 11.5" rotisserie grills
Temperature Range 160° to 400° Fahrenheit
Amps 15
Voltage 120
Watts 1,800
BTU 108,000
Fuel Source 100% wood pellets
Pellet Hopper Capacity 80 lb
Ship Weight 2100 lb


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Two year limited warranty including 90 days full parts and labour.