Fryer Filter for Automated Filtering Systems

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These are fryer filters designed specifically for automated filter systems. An automated fryer filter is comparable to a vacuum cleaner of sorts. It's a machine that has a hose that hooks up to the drainage valve of a fryer, and proceeds to suck the oil out through a filter and into a chamber. Once the filtration process is completed, the machine is capable of pumping the filtered oil back into the fryer to be reused.

Fryer filters are an integral part of the frying process, because the quality of your oil will directly impact the flavour of your food. As you fry your food, sediment will be left behind, which can not only change the flavour but change the temperature of your oil. Automated fryer filter systems take two types of filters: filters with a hole and without a hole. They also take different sized filters depending on the machine, so be sure to check which size and type yours takes before buying.

      • Made for automated fryer filters
      • Comes in a variety of sizes/configurations


 Model Dimensions Hole
D1324S5 13.5" x 24" No
D1420E5 14.38" x 20.5" Yes
D1625S3 16.5" x 25.5" No
D1820E5 18.5" x 20.5" Yes