Doyon CPF - Bread Slicer

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The Doyon CPF bread slicers have been designed to slice a variety of bread types -- whether soft, hard, or artisanal. Push the handle, place your bread and release the handle, and the slicer blades will automatically start. To finish up, you can push the bread through with the safety loaf pusher.

They are perfect for bakeries, grocery stores, and commercial kitchens. You can choose from six different slice thicknesses for this bread slicer. It will be able to slice up to 100 loaves an hour. Download the brochure for more information.

      • Slices a variety of bread types
      • Loaves up to 17.3" long or 20.5" long
      • Max bread width is 12.1" and max bread height is 6.3"
      • Slices up to 100 loaves per hour
      • Equipped with crumb drawer and bagging shelf
      • Safety loaf pusher included
      • Motor stops automatically after loaf has been sliced
      • Floor model
      • Model numbers CPF412, CPF416, CPF418, CPF422, CPF512, CPF516, and CPF518


Two year parts, one year labour warranty.


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