Doyon Proofer
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Doyon DRIP1 - Single Door Roll In Proofer

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The Doyon DRIP1 features an even air flow to maintain the precise heat and humidity required for proofing. It will fit a single roll-in bakery rack for easy product transfer, or you can order the "DRIP1TLO" which will fit single or double racks. These proofers will operate from room temperature to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius), with a relative humidity of up to 95%. These are perfect for proofing croissants, bagels, pastries, breads, rolls, and more.

      • Even airflow heating system maintains the right combination of heat and humidity
      • Automatic water fill system (no water pans to fill)
      • Glass doors and brightly lit interior to view proofing without opening the door
      • Manual controls
      • Separate controls for heat and humidity
      • DRIP1 fits single racks (27" x 73.5" door opening)
      • DRIP1TLO fits single or double racks (32.5" x 73.5" door opening)
      • Consult chart for door opening and interior dimensions to accommodate racks
      • Racks not included


Model DRIP1
Dimensions (WDH) 33" x 46.5" x 42.25"
Door Opening (WH) 27" x 73.5

Dimensions (WDH) 38.5" x 56.5" x 86"
Door Opening (WH) 32.5" x 73.5"


    Two year parts, and one year labour limited warranty.