Doyon Jet Air JA8X - Electric Bakery Convection Oven with Steam Injection – 8 Pans

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The Doyon JA8X is an electric bakery convection oven with steam injection that can hold 8 standard sheet pans (18" x 26"), or it can hold four-strapped bread pans for a total of 16 loaves at a time, or it can hold forty 9" pies. You can order this oven with an optional stand.

The JA8X is part of Doyon's "Jet Air" series, which is known worldwide for its unique "Jet Air System." The air moves in one direction, stops, and then moves the other way, which results in a bidirectional and gentle velocity airflow for exceptional baking results. This system will help you bake faster and more evenly without having to turn pans during baking. The Jet Air fan system will also save energy and labour costs.

Doyon's outstanding uniform steam injection system includes an electronic timer which will give you a precise mist while baking for a better quality product (crusty breads, bagels, french baguettes, etc.). This advanced steam system will allow inexperienced employees to produce quality products with minimum training.

      • NSF approved
      • 16 half size sheet pans or 8 full size sheet pan capacity
      • Intuitive programmable touchscreen control
      • Door switch cutoff for the fan blower
      • Stainless steel construction
      • Unique pulse and shot steam
      • Dependent doors for single hand operation
      • Advanced moisture evacuation system
      • Jet air exclusive patented reversing fan system



Model JA8X
Exterior Dimensions (WDH)
 37.63" x 54.13" x 41.75"
Interior Dimensions (WDH) 33.63" x 53.38" x 36.75"
Capacity 16 half-sized sheet pans
Shelf Spacing 4"
Electrical 208v, 240v / 1 phase, 3 phase


Two year parts and one year labour warranty.