Dynamic Mini - Light Duty Immersion Blender

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The Dynamic Mini Series's MiniPro has been the No. 1 commercial hand mixer for 10 years straight. The MiniPro is a popular hand mixer because it's one of the least expensive! And it doesn't compromise on quality. 

The MiniPro can be ordered with a wide variety of attachments: a whisk, a rice/food mill, and a food processor just to name a few. You can also purchase a milkshake blender known as the DynaShake, and an immersion mixer specifically for soups and sauces known as the MD95. These hand mixers have varying specs and capacities, so check out the spec sheets below for a full description.

      • Fast and easy to use
      • Precise power to weight ratio
      • Extremely durable
      • Constructed with stainless steel parts
      • Variable speeds (where applicable)
      • Push button on/off switch



Title Model Specs
7" Shaft (Non-detachable) MX070.1, MX070 Download
7" Shaft (Cordless; Non-detachable) MX135.1, MX135 Download
Head Only AC515.1, AC515 N/A
8" Milkshake Mixer MX054.1, MX054 Download
7" Sauce/marinade Mixer MX010.1, MX010 Download


One year parts and labour warranty.