Dynamic Senior - Heavy Duty Immersion Blender

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Dynamic has been manufacturing foodservice equipment for a long time -- like 50 years long. The Dynamic Senior Series are commercial heavy duty immersion blenders perfect for the everyday mixing of large-sized batches. They're lightweight, durable, and constructed with long-lasting materials.

The Senior Series comes in just three models: the PMX98 -- a standard stick mixer; the PMF250 -- an immersion mixer that comes with either a mixer or whisk attachment; and the BM250 -- a motor block that is compatible with a wide variety of attachments: a standard mixer tool, a whisk tool, a rice/food mill, and a food-processing chamber.

Further advantages of Senior Series hand mixers are a precise power to weight ratio. They're all extremely durable as they're constructed of stainless steel parts. They have variable speeds, are lightweight, and constructed for easy use. Last but certainly not least, they have a push-button on/off switch to maximize your safety!

      • Precise power to weight ratio
      • Extremely durable
      • Constructed of stainless steel parts
      • Variable speeds (where applicable)
      • Push button on/off switch


    Title Model Specs
    12" Shaft (non-detachable) MX007.1, MX007 Download
    12" Shaft with 8" whisk  MF003.1, MF003 Download
    Head only AC005.1, AC005 N/A


    1 year parts and labour warranty.