Dynamic Commercial Immersion Blender
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Dynamic SMX - Heavy Duty Immersion Blender

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Dynamic has been in the foodservice equipment game for a long time -- like 50 years long. The SMX Series is their latest creation. Its official debut was made at the National Restaurant Association May 18-21, 2019. Not only do these immersion mixers have the same advantages as their counterparts, but they come with the widest variety of shaft lengths. As a result, they have a model for nearly every conceivable capacity.

The basic advantages for these hand mixers are a precise power to weight ratio. They're extremely durable as they're constructed with stainless steel parts. They have a new motor design for increased efficiency. And finally, they're lightweight, easy-to-clean, and have a push button on/off switch for extra safety.

The Dynamic SMX Series are commercial light through heavy duty stick mixer.

      • Light through heavy duty immersion blenders
      • Wide variety of shaft lengths
      • Precise power to weight ratio
      • Extremely durable
      • Constructed with stainless steel parts
      • New motor design for increased efficiency
      • Lightweight and easy-to-clean
      • Push button on/off switch for extra safety


 Title Model  Volts Specs
16" shaft MX043.1ES, MX003ES 115, 230 Download
21" shaft MX002.1ES, MX002ES 115, 230 Download
24" shaft MX040.1ES, MX040ES 115, 230 Download
27" shaft MX001.1ES, MX001ES 115, 230 Download


1 year parts and labour warranty.