EFI - Epoxy Wire Shelf - 4 Pack

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These EFI epoxy coated shelves come in a number of different depths and widths. They can have a depth (front to back) of 14", 18", 21", or 24". And a width (from left to right) from 24" all the way to 72".

For their load capacities, shelves with a width up to 48" have a capacity of 600 pounds, and for shelves 54" wide and longer, they have a load capacity of 400 pounds.

EFI supplies their epoxy coated shelves with a special, extended warranty: it's a 5-year warranty against rust & corrosion.

Please note: these shelves are sold in packs of 4. So for example, if you wanted 8 shelves, put your "Quantity" to 2.

      • Sold in a pack of 4
      • Durable epoxy coated finish
      • Rust inhibiting undercoat
      • Meets commercial foodservice weight
      • Shelves up to 48" have a load capacity of 600 lbs
      • Shelves 54" and longer have a load capacity of 400 lbs
      • 5-year warranty against rust & corrosion


First off, choose what size of shelf you want on this page. Next up, select which shelving posts you want: you can choose either EFI's epoxy shelving post without a foot plate, or EFI's epoxy shelving post with a foot plate. Next up, buy some shelving clips (you'll need 4 clips for every shelf). And that's it! You're done!

And you can check out our shelving casters and accessories, if you want to add some extra things to your shelving unit.


    Standard Warranty: All EFI products are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of your original purchase date. EFI Sales Ltd may repair or replace defective units at its discretion.

    Extended Shelving Warranty: EFI premium all-environment shelving (epoxy finish) is warranted against rust formation on more than 5% of the shelving surface for a period of 5 years.