Endura 3920A02 - 40 lb. Grease Trap - 20 GPM

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This is an "Endura 20" grease interceptor with a capacity flow rate of 20 gallons per minutes (GPM) and a 40 pound capacity for fats, oils, and grease. These types of grease traps are mandatory in many cities now, for health, safety, and environmental reasons, making this a perfect grease trap for any commercial kitchen.

Suitable for draining 2 - 3 sink compartments - and is typically installed on the floor close to the appliances served. Supplied with an accessible flow control, this model offers durability and longevity of operation and features our EZ-Open cover latching system for quick, reliable access. NSF Certified.

      • Tank, lid and baffles injection molded in engineered thermoplastic that will not corrode, chip, or peel, even under the most severe applications
      • Over 15 years field proven performance has bean lead by the Endura
      • Supplied with accessible flow control device (HxHxH) for solvent weld installation to ABS and PVC DWV systems
      • Maximum service temperature rated at 220 Deg F/104 Deg C continuous discharge.
      • EZ-Open cover latching system provides simple fastener free solution for regular maintenance access
      • Tank installed using mechanical joint (MJ) couplings (by others), allowing for connection with various piping materials
      • 2" No-Hub connection compatible with DWV piping
      • Cover exceeds CSA B481.0 Class L - Proof load min. 600lb (270kg). Expected service load Max 300lb (135kg)
      • Lightweight but highly durable construction offers ease of handling, installation and product longevity compared to traditional interceptors
      • Recessed silicone seal prevents foul odors from escaping in service


Model "Endura 20"
Item Number 3920A02
Size 2" x 2"
GPM 20
Capacity 40 pounds
Dimensions (WDH) 23.5" x 17.5" x 16.3"


10 year warranty.