Eurodib S2F2 - Residential Double Induction Cooker - 120v, 1800w

  • CAD Regular price $402.00

Energy efficient, easy to clean and Safe. This Induction cooker will facilitate your way of cooking as much as it will accommodate your kitchen space.

      • Soft-touch display
      • High quality glass cook top, hard plastic frame
      • Weight capacity of up to 35 lb
      • Temperature goes from 150°F to 450° with 30° intervals
      • Timer: 0-150 mins; after 150 minutes it will enter the standby mode.
      • For domestic use only


Model S2F2
Dimensions (LWH) 14" x 23.5" x 2.5"
Electrical 120v / 1800w
Plug 1-15P
Weight 15 lb
Timer 0 - 150 minutes


    One year parts and labour warranty.