Follett 7 Series - Countertop, Chewblet Ice and Water Dispenser - 125 lb production, 7 lb storage

The Follett 7 Series are the only ice and water dispensers that are designed to fit underneath overhead cabinets, being only 17.5" tall. These dispensers can produce up to 125 pounds of Chewblet ice every day, and can hold up to 7 pounds of ice at a time, which makes it ideal for a 25 to 30 person work group. (The 15 series is ideal for up to 50 people.)

Some other features include the sanitary, capacitive touch dispensing, and a unique drain-less design that refreezes melt water from the storage hopper, allowing this model to be installed virtually anywhere there is water and electricity available.

For comparison, the storage capacity on the 7 Series is slightly less than the Follett 15 series, so its suited to serve less people in a day, but the 7 Series costs less and is shorter, so it can fit underneath a cabinet, making them ideal for different applications. 

You can order this model with or without an internal filter, and with optional legs. It can also be purchased for both ice and water, or ice only.  Or you can order it with sparkling water.

      • Compact size, only 17.62" tall to fit on counters under standard cabinets
      • 7 lb ice storage capacity
      • Designed to serve up to 25 people (140 servings per 10 hr day)
      • Durable, attractive dispenser: modern styling, stainless steel exterior with accent trim
      • Designed with sanitation in mind: Agion silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components
      • Comes fully assembled


Dimensions (HWD) 17.5" x 14.5" x 22.1"
Storage Capacity 7 pounds
Daily Production 125 pounds
Other Drainless
Electrical 115 V/60/1
Model Numbers 7CI100A-IW-NF-ST-00 and 7CI100A-IW-CF-ST-00


Chewblet ice is composed of uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice which is very versatile. It's perfect in hospitals, nursing home facilities, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and healthcare facilities.

      • Nuggets measure approximately 1" long.
      • Its softer, chewable texture is craved by customers.
      • Its porous composition gives way to absorb drink’s flavor, leaving a flavorful crunchy treat after the drink is gone.
      • Consumers prefer Chewblet ice 2 to 1 over cube ice (Based on customer intercept studies conducted across the United States).


Why don't we show the price for this item? Follett items are POA (pricing on application), so pricing is done on a quote-by-quote basis. Not to worry though: you can contact us for your price. 


Two years parts and labor. Five years compressor parts.