Frymaster PF50 - Mobile Fryer Oil Filtration System

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The Frymaster PF50 is a portable oil filter with a 50 lb capacity. This machine is constructed with stainless steel, and the dimensions (WDH) are 13.25" x 30" x 13.25". The Frymaster PF50 fryer filter cycles oil through the filter to trap these crumbs, and then returns the oil, which is filtered, back into the frypot. Cleanup of the system is quick and easy.

In order to preserve your oil's life and keep consistent flavouring, your deep fryer oil should be filtered on a regular basis. Crumbs, sediment, and a variety of other by-products come off your food while frying it. These by-products will stay in the oil unless it's filtered. 

Some specific features of this fryer filter include a 50 lb oil capacity and fast filtering (it can filter a 50 lb fryer in less than 5 minutes). The oil distribution hose is 5 feet and it is heated to iliminate clogging with all oil types. Lastly, this machine is NSF approved and made in America.

      • NSF approved
      • Made in America
      • 50 lb oil capacity
      • Reversible pump actively pumps used oil from the frypot and filtered oil back to the frypot
      • Filters a 50 lb fryer in less than 5 minutes
      • Simple to use and easy to clean
      • 1/3 HP, heavy-duty motor
      • Heated hose eliminates clogging with all oil types
      • 5' hose with non-heat conducting handle
      • Cover and fold-down handle for easy storage


Model PF-50
Dimensions (WDH) 13.25" x 30" x 13.25"
Capacity 50 lb
Weight 120


One year limited parts and labour warranty.