Globe G10 - 10" Manual Meat Slicer - 1/3 HP

  • CAD Regular price $1,956.00

The Globe “G10” is a medium-duty meat slicer, which is perfect for an establishment that will need the meat slicer for a moderate amount of work throughout the day (about one hour of slicing per day). It can also handle a bit of cheese slicing throughout the day (about 30 minutes of your 1 hour).

The G10 has a number of great features. The knife ring guard is permanently attached, which makes this machine extremely safe, so you’re not going to have to worry about the safety of the operator. The blade has been made of a hard chromed, special allow hollow ground — which means it is long-lasting and really easy to sharpen. Plus, the slicer comes with a high-quality sharpener.

Globe offers some of the best equipment in the food service business, yet they do so at a fraction of the cost of other high-end brands. So if you want to invest in your business, but are also looking for a reasonably priced option, a Globe meat slicer could do the trick.

Check out the Globe meat slicer buying guide, which gives you a side by side comparison of all of Globe's meat slicers.

      • Knife cover interlock - Provides superior operator safety during knife cleaning.
      • The easy-turn, top-mounted sharpener is a two-stone, dual-action, all-metal design that allows you to quickly return a razor-sharp edge to your knife whenever it's needed
      • An ideal 35° angle food chute - makes slicing easier with less waste and allows the operator to view the slices produced
      • An improved ergonomic design - places the handle on the end weight of the slicer for better grip and usability. The design keeps hands farther from the knife and allows for an improved user interface with the machine
      • No-volt release prevents activation - of the slicer when the power is interrupted during operation



        Motor 1/3 HP
        Volts 115-60-1
        Amps 3
        Drive Type Belt
        Cheese Slicing Yes
        Slicing Volume 1 hour per day
        Max Slice 9/16”
        Product Cutting Capacity (W x Diameter x L) 9.5” x 7.25” x 10.5”
        Max Dimensions (WDH) 17.5” x 21.25” x 14.5”


        One year parts and labor warranty.