Globe GPG14D-C - 14" x 14" Grooved Panini Grill

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The Globe GPG14D-C is part of Globe’s “deluxe” series of panini grills, and features a grooved grilling surface that is 14" by 14". This high-quality grill is going to be great for a number of applications: whether you’re cooking sandwiches or meat on this grill, it should last you for many years to come.

Globe designs all of their products with a craftsmanship that few other manufacturer’s can rival. This grill has heavy duty, seasoned cast iron grill plates  and has a durable stainless steel construction. So the GPG14D-C should be able to stand up to the wear and tear of almost any commercial establishment. 

It’s also got a number of features that are going to make operation a breeze: a built in electronic timer with four programmable presets and the thermostatically controlled temperature are going to make operating this grill a whole lot easier.

All in all, this is a solidly constructed grill with a number of great features from one of the best brands in the foodservice business.

      • 14"x14" single grill 
      • Heavy duty, seasoned, cast iron grill plates
      • Stainless steel construction
      • Stainless steel tube protects wires from damage
      • Durable spring hinge with adjustable tension
      • Temperature thermostatically controlled to 570°F
      • Built in digital timer and four programmable presets
      • Heats to and maintains selected temperature, ensuring even heating and thorough cooking (allow 15-30 mins. to heat before grilling)
      • Attached 4-foot power cord and plug, 1800 watt single grill, 5400/7200 watt double grill
      • Stainless steel catch tray, easy to remove for cleaning
      • Non-skid rubber feet


Model GPG14D
Plates Grooved
Cooking Surface (WD) 14” x 14”
Electric 120v, 60 Hz, 1800 w
Dimensions (WDH) 22.24” x 21.46” x 9.06”
Net Weight 82.45 lb


One year parts and labour.