Globe GPS5 - 5 lb. Digital Portion Control Scale

  • CAD Regular price $135.00

The Globe GPS5 portion control scale can work for grocery stores, delis, bakeries, restaurants, and even labs. If you need to have accurate portions of your food or products, this smart and simple machine can do the trick for you.

This machine is compact and versatile. You can weigh items up to 5 pounds (80 ounces or 2300 grams). And you’re able to measure in pounds, ounces, or grams.

This little scale has a number of tricks up its sleeves. Push button, zero Tare, Wireless, battery powered or AC powered with automatic shut off, low battery indicator, overload indicator, etc. etc. This scale is going to have all the features you’re going to need in a portion control scale.

And Globe makes nothing but the best products. So you know this is a portion control scale that you can trust to give you accurate food readings for many years to come.

Also, if you buy these scales in a bulk of 4, you get a sweet discount!

      • Battery* or AC powered (includes power cord)
      • Easy to read 7/8" LCD digital display
      • Push button zero tare
      • Weighing modes - pounds, ounces or grams, weight increments:
        • 0.01 lb.
        • 0.1 oz.
        • 1 g.
      • Weight capacity — 5 lb., 80 oz. or 2268 g.
      • Automatic shut off if not used
      • Removable 4.5" diameter stainless steel platter and
      • 8" x 6" oval plastic ingredient bowl


Model GPS5
Overall Dimensions (WDH) 5.125” x 6.5” x 1.56”
Net Weight .75 pounds


One year scale replacement.