Globe S13 - 13" Manual Meat Slicer - 1/2 HP

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The Globe S13 is a premium, heavy-duty meat slicer. You'll be able to slice all day with this machine, and you'll be able to slice cheese too. It has a 13 inch blade and comes with a powerful 1/2 horsepower motor and it is belt driven. You are also able to buy this model with advanced features (model SG13) -- see below for more details.

This meat slicer has tons of great features. It has a one-piece anodized aluminum base, which makes for really easy cleanup. It also has a patent pending indexing system and oversized knob, which will provide extremely precise slicing.

This machine has been designed and made entirely in America, so it has a quality design and quality features. Check out the spec sheet for a further list of its features.

Check out the Globe meat slicer buying guide, which gives you a side by side comparison of all of Globe's meat slicers.

      • Patent pending anodized aluminum design and construction for quick and easy cleaning
      • Patent pending indexing system enables accurate and precise slice thickness adjustment up to 1-1/8"
      • 13" German steel knife with hardened edge provides quality slices and higher yield
      • Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75" high, 8" diameter, 11" wide products, like prosciutto, mortadella and bacon
      • 50°, 13" tall gravity feed carriage improves productivity
      • Advanced meat grip design for superior product hold
      • 1/2 HP continuous use knife motor combined with the high efficiency knife drive system delivers optimum power
      • Made in the USA


      • Home Start – carriage must be in home position to start slicer
      • Adjustable timer – shuts off slicer after inactivity
      • Close to Stop – closing slicer table shuts off slicer
      • Carriage tilt interlock – prevents knife exposure when carriage is tilted and prevents slicer from operating
      • Patent pending graphic user interface with Clear Text LCD display provides operator messages, diagnostics and system information


  • More Information – industry’s only Clear-Text graphic user interface eliminates blinking lights and error codes and enables operators to select speed & stroke length, operator messages, diagnostics & slicer information.
  • More Capacity – extended carriage and large platter accommodates large products such as prosciutto, bacon and mortadella.
  • More Intuitive – color cues the operator to areas designed for proper & safe operation; handles, knobs, etc.
  • More Convenient Sharpening – top-mounted, one-step sharpening system is easily removed for cleaning and utilizes long-lasting synthetic diamond surfaces.


Motor 1/2 HP
Volts 115-60-1
Amps 2
Drive Type Belt
Cheese Slicing Yes
Slicing Volume All Day
Max Slice 1-1/8”
Product Cutting Capacity (DHW) 8" x 13.75" x 11"
Max Dimensions (WDH) 36.47" x 29.5" x 25.5"


Two year parts and labor warranty.


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