Habco SF28SX - 31" Single Door Freezer - 28 Cu. Ft.

  • CAD $4,510.00 Regular price Compare at: $5,489.00

The Habco SF28SX stainless steel freezer promotes a clean, professional image. It is ideal for installations requiring larger volume of frozen product readily at hand. 

  • Exclusive Lint Tolerant Condenser Coil is designed with four fins per inch to provide optimized heat exchange while minimizing buildup of airborne grease, wax and lint prevalent on condensers with tighter fin spacing.
  • Priority Air-Flow delivers focussed velocity, cooling last-loaded product first, while maintaining consistent air-over-components for performance, efficiency and endurance.
  • Equipped with Energy Efficient Digital Controller featuring visual/audible product protection alarm, factory preset for -10°F (-23.3°C). Ensures all instances of this in all text features F° first then C° in brackets.
  • Externally displays stabilized product temperature to a resolution of 1° for best product quality.
  • Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control recycles heat from cabinet to control condensation and maximize performance. Stainless Steel makes our patented design built to last.
  • Includes door locks.