Ice-O-Matic B1300-48 - 48" Upright Ice Storage Bin - 1320 lb Capacity

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The Ice-O-Matic B1300-48 is an upright ice storage bin that is 48" wide and has a maximum capacity of 1,320 pounds. This is perfect for high-volume ice storage requirements for various applications.

An industry-exclusive, single-piece insulated bin liner provides sanitary storage with maximum preservation, while the viewing window allows for quick ice-level checks. For compatibility with Ice-O-Matic modular machine, check out their compatibility chart.

      • Insulated Bin Liner: Polyethylene bin liner is insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation.
      • Sliding View Window: Double-pane sliding window provides instant view for ice inspection and provides a superior thermal break to prevent sweating and leakage.
      • First in First out Design: Ice is removed from low in the bin ensuring superior ice inventory rotation for fresh ice all the time.
      • Ice Shield: Adjustable to control the flow of ice and reduces the chance of spills and overflow.
      • Robust Construction: All our upright bins are constructed of durable stainless steel and utilize a heavy duty "stay-open" door for easy one handed access.


Brand Ice-O-Matic
Bin Storage 1320 lb
Cubic Volume 41.9
Dimensions (WDH) 48" x 31" x 65"
Required Door Access 32"
Ship Weight 270 lb


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Two years parts and labour warranty.