ITV Alfa NG 265 - 28" Self-Contained Gourmet Ice Machine - 270 lb Production, 123 lb Storage

The design of the Alfa NG 265 seeks a compromise between the volume and the quantity of pieces of ice. The result is a cube of straight lines that increases productivity (more cubes per cycle) and optimizes the storage. Alpha machines achieve a great balance between production and cost.

This ice machine is titled "self-contained" by ITV, and not "undercounter", and that's because it's a slightly taller machine, so it probably won't fit underneath your counter. Get your measuring stick out!

      • Cube style: full
      • Daily production: 202 - 270 pounds
      • Storage: 123 pounds
      • 28 inches wide
      • Air cooled or (on special order) water cooled


Daily Production 270 lb (70 - 50º F) or 202 lb (90 - 70º F)
Cubes Cycle 72
Storage 123 pounds
Water usage 5.8 gallons per hour
Voltage 115V / 60Hz / 1
Amps 13
Net Weight 196 pounds


36 months parts and labor, and 24 additional months parts on compressor and evaporator.