ITV SCD-900 - 60" Ice Storage Bin with Carts - 728 lb Capacity

  • CAD Regular price $15,301.00

If you've got to transport a lot of ice in your establishment, whether its flake ice, cube ice, or granular ice, the ITV "SCD-900" can help you out. It has two carts that come included, and can hold around 728 pounds of ice (or 911 pounds, with a full bin).

The two "Easy Carts" that it includes are made of a sanitary polyethylene, which are smooth and super easy to clean, and they have an ergonomic design, so you won't be hunched over and hurting yourself while pushing them. And to top it all off they have a braking system, a drainage system, and come with covers. So these carts can really make your life easy.

This bin will fit with a number of ITV modular ice machines, which we've listed below for your convenience.

      • Stainless steel body, with a galvanized back and bottom
      • Hard, sanitary polyethylene vat, resistant to blows, friction and scratches
      • Very easy to clean: seamless one-piece vat with rounded corners
      • Ice paddle is included
      • Drainage systems which collects and channels the water from the drainpipe of the carts cleanly and without pools


Cube ice machines:

Flake ice machines:


Dimensions (WDH) 60" x 40" x 59.84"
Storage capacity 728 or 911 pounds
Net Weight 381


Dimensions (WDH) 28" x 45" x 39"
Storage capacity 247 pounds
Net Weight 77 pounds


24 months parts and labour warranty.