Jet Tech 727E - 30 Racks/Hour High Temperature Glasswasher - 208v

  • CAD Regular price $4,294.00

This Jet Tech glass washer is an Energy Star certified machine, so you won't just be getting clean glass, but you'll be saving energy (and money) too. This is great for wineries, bars, or restaurants who need a washing machine dedicated solely to washing glasses.

This can handle up to 30 racks per hour, depending on your settings, and with its patented systems and built-in booster, you're going to get clean glasses every time without having to worry about breaking or chipping your glasses.

      • Guaranteed 185F (85C) final rinsing temperature, regardless of incoming water temperature
      • Electronic control system featuring intelligent software LED interface and multiple function analysis
      • Allows you to run a selection of three different cycles, all in one easy touch
      • Easy diagnostics: have all necessary advanced service diagnostics information at your fingertips
      • The ‘soft-start’ washing system protects your dishes and glassware from breaking


Wash Tank Capacity: 2.9 U.S. Gallons (11 Litres)
Operating Cycle: 2, 3, or 4 minutes
Rack Capacity: 15.75” x 15”75”
Booster Capacity: 0.79 U.S. Gallons (3 Litres)
Wash Temp: 150°F 
Final Rinse Temp: 185°-194°F 
Incoming Water Temp: Min. 122°F
Incoming Water Pressure: 30 p.s.i.
Water Consumption/cycle: 0.52 U.S. Gallons
Washing Pump Power: 0.4 H.P
Power Supply: 208v/60Hz


All Jet Tech dishwashers are sold with an offer of a Post Installation Inspection. This inspection is designed to ensure the water pressure, electrical connections, fill time, and drain time are within the manufacturer's recommendations.

Please note: If you've requested an inspection and the dishwasher is not ready, Jet-Tech will only pay for the first visit.

The inspection does not include any changes required such as installation of a pressure reducer or drain line. The service tech will run the washer through its cycle for the customer.

This is a very helpful promotion, because it uncovers any discrepancies before you use the dishwasher on a regular basis and it can help avoid costly repairs due to improper installation.

The inspection can usually be scheduled within a week of your request.