Jet Tech 737E - High Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher - 208-220v

  • CAD Regular price $6,666.00

      • Built-in booster for rinse
      • Insulated panels
      • Automatic pumped drain
      • Automatic detergent pump
      • Rinse-additive pump
      • Digital temperature display
      • (2) 20” x 20”  standard racks
      • 208-220V 60/1 22 Amp
      • Shipping weight : 178 lb


All Jet Tech dishwashers are sold with an offer of a Post Installation Inspection. This inspection is designed to ensure the water pressure, electrical connections, fill time, and drain time are within the manufacturer's recommendations.

Please note: If you've requested an inspection and the dishwasher is not ready, Jet-Tech will only pay for the first visit.

The inspection does not include any changes required such as installation of a pressure reducer or drain line. The service tech will run the washer through its cycle for the customer.

This is a very helpful promotion, because it uncovers any discrepancies before you use the dishwasher on a regular basis and it can help avoid costly repairs due to improper installation.

The inspection can usually be scheduled within a week of your request.