Krampouz WECDHAAS - Single Liege Waffle Maker - 180° opening

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This Krampouz waffle maker has a stainless steel frame and cast irons grill. It include a thermostatic control, drip tray, heating indicator, and ON/OFF switch built into the control button.

It includes a new "Easy Clean System" (waffle irons can easily be removed and washed in the dishwasher). Benefits: Improved hygiene, easy maintenance, and increased  reliability.

90° opening is for heating or defrosting waffles (Bruxelle), but can to be use to cook dough (Liege). 180° opening for cooking waffles (For Bruxelle and Liege).

      • Waffle Type - 4 × 7 Liège
      • No. of Waffles - 2
      • Waffle Size - 7.5" W × 4.3" D × 0.9" H
      • Thermostatic control from 50 - 300°C (122 - 572°F)
      • Heat insulation of the element
      • Straight handles
      • Compact size to save space.
      • Perfect distribution of dough over both surfaces.


Product dimensions (W x H x L) : 22 x 10.2 x 19.3
Amperage: 12
Volts: 120
Watts: 1440
Material: Stainless Steel Frame, Cast Iron plates.
Origin: France


One year parts and labour.